Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I would like to say that I have been productive busy, but I really have not. The ideas that I have, once again never come to fruition. It seems to be the fact that I am consumed with looking after my little loves. My days are filled with nurturing, teaching, cleaning and sleeping. Their blog has become my focus.

Once again I find myself in that place where I need to craft. It is my salvation. My fingers have been itching for stitching and have fallen in love with the knit. As the babes read books, I drift away into my thoughts as my needles and my effort work through them. It is amazing! I think about all the things I used to dream of...being a dancer, a fashion designer, an artist, a professional crafter, a singer (although as I get older I think I have been disillusioned into believing I ever could, but then again some judges on Canadian Idol actually said that yes indeed I was a singer). Then one of the girls pipes up and I am brought back to my reality:

I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a keeper of the home. I am love.

These roles in my mind are the most important and I have been blessed to acquire them. However, I still have that twinge of guilt because I do miss my non-motherly things too. I miss having the opportunity to spend a half an hour setting up my acrylics and getting down to business on a portrait. I miss the inappropriate MTV shows about ridiculously attention hungry, underfed twenty-somethings. I miss my style icons. I miss my up-to-date wardrobe. I miss my eyeshadow.

Then again, I don't really. My family has inspired me tremendously. Hence I am unveiling for the first time ever that Bad Little Spice DESIGNS will be starting to take shape in the not-so-distant future and the blog is being revamped.

Bad Little Spice DESIGNS line:

The line will be directed at my children and I am hoping for it to be as upcycled as possible. The exact line will be released in the upcoming months only to me children but will include home decor, bath, clothes, and toys. I will be working hard on prototypes. It is just a DIY project, as I have now decided, geared towards the girls and enriching their lives. If you want something, I can make it for you monkeys too.

Bad Little Spice DESIGNS website:

* working on ways to generate more traffic
* there will be new pages to include
* Bad Little Spice Flickr page...
* joining of as recommended by my dear friend Marlene Barre (it is French but I have yet to figure out how to do that on a keyboard)
* Inspiration and my Updates
* Vegan MOFO...yeah!

I must get back to my pumpkin spice tea and Adele listening.

Love to all my bad little spices



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