Friday, September 23, 2011


CONFESSION: I have no clue what the heck is going on in my head.

A couple days ago I posted about a line that I wanted to work on. These ideas were taking shape in my head. I saw plush dolls, felted soap, DIY girls dresses and hair accessories. Then...dun,dun, dun...I fell upon blogs that do what I dream of better and etsy stores just releasing one of my ideas.

It is a total kick in the pantaloons. I know myself well enough to know that I am creative but not a creator. For example, I love drawing perfect portraits, but could never illustrate. When designing my imaginary fashion lines in high-school English class, I always pulled ideas from the beloved Fashion Television or latest magazine. Sometimes I would use Betty and Veronica comics as inspiration. I crafted my wedding but the ideas were inspired by other ideas.

But then I stumble upon these great looking, inspirational, lovely blogs by women doing what I love. They are so totally amazing and I admire not loathe them in any way. They are doing everything that they love. I am working towards that and I know that but I can't help but feel so totally ugh!

I know I should have the confidence to go ahead with my line but maybe I should just sit back for a little, and recant the launch of bad little spice DESIGNS...because what the heck would I be designing now. I have a confidence blow.

Crafting makes me so happy and I have a million projects on the go. Maybe I should just sit down, grab a cuppa, and PACE MYSELF! (I did just happen to come upon a report card of me as a child where my teacher implied the same - which leads me to another question in my head - are we defined at five? )

Blogging is lovely too! I love seeing what others are doing and being inspired. But to recant the previous exclamatory "NOVEMBER LINE", there will be no line. The line I am on right now is way to thin and I am losing my balance.

So this crafty thing, for now at least, will just be for me and my girls. I am going to from this moment further make plans I can stick to and work on going with the crafting flow.



P.S. Sorry to subject you to the goings-on in my head

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