Saturday, July 2, 2011


My standing companion Tony Ianiro took this photo at the War Memorial the day earlier

What we had all been waiting for

A woman named Alison I met...very sweet and fun to be around

When I discovered that the Duke and Duchess of Canada had decided to come to my hometown for the beginning of their Canadian visit, I had to go. Thursday night we arrived in Ottawa to stay at my in-law's home. They are the sweetest dears and know of my healthy obsession and were so obliged to let us stay (she is also the sweetest for allowing me for coming late to a family organized reunion to indulge - so Thank you!).

After watching some news coverage I had spontaneously decided that I was going to leave my hubby with the girls and head out to sleep over night. That plan was quickly busted when I decided that I could not leave my hubby with the girls because he is my true prince and he already drove my sorry butt in for this craziness. Almost immediately I fell asleep, dreaming of course of the Duke and .... slept in!

Woken up by the sounds of birds outside of the window I glanced at the clock and realized it was 7 am. I had to bolt to score a spot. I raced to the washroom, brushed my teeth, put on my makeup and microwaved a half drunk Starbuck's coffee and ran...babies crying for me and Daddy half asleep.

I sped walked to the Hill (and when I say speed walk it is actually more of a should definitely see me in action). When I arrived I headed straight to the major enclosed area. But one look around and it was obvious that I was never going to see Will and Kate from where I was. So I left to find more barricaded areas across from the Centennial flame where several of us were booted.

I happened to meet a really nice RCMP who told us an ideal spot and I proceeded to grab hold of the barricade and maintain position. I became friends with several people there for undoubtedly the same reason as I and we just stood in the blazing sun for 4 and a half hours. I was running on coffee and completely dehydrated. Heat exhaustion was definitely a concern. Luckily a policeman forgot one of his bottles of water on the road and I picked it up when he was not looking, or else I would have to be taken out by stretcher.

Finally the moment came, we heard the clippity-clop of the horses and then the grand entrance of the Duke and Duchess. My group immediately pushed against the fence and we were on the verge of tears. They passed and I am sure Will stared into my eyes. But here are some photos from the historical day and one of my faves...

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