Monday, August 2, 2010


It is true. I am an Etsy Sucker. This online shop for all things crafty and cute is awesome!!! Two years ago my friend Erin told me about it. We are both young mothers on a budget and eco-friendly. She suggested this site. I went on and BAM! You are hooked (pun intended if you are into crocheting). So, in honour of my love of Etsy, I thought I would post my fave item.

My fave, cutie pie and illustrator extraordinaire Miss Kelli Murray. I subscribe to her blog and check it out religiously each day. She is beautiful and her designs so unique. Love you Kelli. You can order her prints here: Kelli Murray Art and Visit her Blog here: Kelli Murray's Blog

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  1. Thank you so much Crystal! This post made my day! xo.