Sunday, August 8, 2010


So, it has been a wild ride lately. As most of you know, I have been living in Montreal with my two daughters and husband. We moved here to see if we could reignite his love for messengering. Although a great city for some, not for an Ottawa messenger who wants to live in the quiet country and afford things for his small family. Henceforth, we are leaving our loft. Great space for Montreal dwelling, creation and young, roaming toddler, but we are outta here. A week ago, my husband was accepted into the Heritage Masonry program in Perth, Ontario.

We are packing our bags and heading out kids...IN THREE WEEKS! The apartment we found is beautiful and funnily enough is presently occupied by my first midwife who delivered my first daughter. They seem to be leading parallel lives. Her partner also attended the same school that my partner will be. He studied Heritage Carpentry. And for those who are my closest friends, they know that I want to be a midwife...BADLY! Their apartment was full of wooden toys, a dresser that looked like our daughter's and they bedshare.

SOOOO...The list of To-Dos in the upcoming weeks and month include:

* sign the lease, pack and move in to Perth (pics of the apartment will be up soon)
* get rid of this apartment (may be a problem considering our landlord has not repaired the massive hole in our ceiling)
* all things wedding - marriage license, DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS, PAYMENTS, PAYMENTS, PAYMENTS - Ah but I love It!
* get finances in order for our year of unemployment and student fees
* Plan my beautiful sister's baby shower (El let's have it at our new house honey!)
* Craft
* Bake
* Blog
* Draw
* Love

Over the next month I will do my best to blog the bleep out of this thing, but please excuse me if I fall behind.

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