Sunday, June 27, 2010

A glimpse into my soul

Here is a bunch of poetry that I have written over the years. Some of it is dark, all of it personal. My soul working through its emotions and teenage angst.

acrylic tips painted with an artificial colour to hide the flesh underneath the nails
carving away effortlessly at a mac, covergirl flawless face
her hair is damaged. fried from
the times she dyed it brown
to look like Mandy Moore
other times she dyed it back
because she remembered that
her boyfriend liked it blonde
other times she dyed it pink
to get attention no one would
send her way
a crooked finger points at the
mole on her cheek and
the remnant of a broken
nose remind her of the time
an alcoholic father threw a
shoe at her porcelain face
a burn mark on her arm. when
the anger manifests scarring
yourself is a great solution
scars on my face, evidence of misconduct
light in my eyes, showing the defuncted
slits on my wrists, seeping my person
all things that be are no longer exclusive
button up your ralph lauren attitude
close the door, not like that
don't be so rude
open your mouth, so i can taste you
falling to the sea of doomed reclusives



the room disappears through my eyes
darkness invades
a star shines, but i drift away
into a lullaby, a dangerous liaison
involving apple pie
across the universe, in a world
of disease, a child calls out my
name and i release my grasp on
the sea of dreams


stilts that they wear to grasp
the crowns of angel kings
floating through the air of ever widening
skies that shape my dreams
wishing upon clouds and space


please forgive my sins and relish in
my happenings
see the halo that moulds my
hear my muse through uneven winds
that sterilize young pretty things
that aren't too old to tantalize
a philodox cruised the night
on faded manta rays
purple lies, I was lost in the
blue circles of his eyes
but a sweet smile stretched the
truth one more time


forgive me boy for ruining your
the silence is golden, all hope
but pungent echoes ring in my
sounds of addictive fantasies
at midnight



we met in the alley, dark as a
a leather cat suit embellished my
panther-like glare and
curious kitten smile
in your hand you held a leash, it
was your heart, and it reeled
me in
the hair on your knuckles grazed
my face and caused me to
purr harmoniously with the
street choir at the corner of 54th
i licked my lips as you drowned
me with our sensual presence
locked in each other's paws we
toppled to the ground
landing on our feet first, but
falling head after heel in
this night, the crescent moon
shines brightly
i stare piercingly at the fading
street, at the dark alley where
love began
our nine lives have ended
our tails now tied together
as the fighting kilkenny cats
whose claws dig deep into
covered skin,
always opened eyes,
and at delicate ears that want
to forget the intoxicating purr
my hatred towards you fuels my inhibitions



the grass is brilliantly green
dusted with white rose petals
whose dew has begun to warm
under the tie-dyed summer sky
in the corner of the courtyard
is a victorian chair fit for royalty
draped with a cream coloured
velvet fabric
the arms are carved, goddess greeks
pillows of paisley, golden tassels

at the horizon she sits equivocally
external Grace Kelly grace, internal turmoil
toes are painted pink to match the
buds on the apple trees
the knitted aqua blue camisole that
is tied around her thin frame
compliments her effortless beauty


at night when i am alone with
nothing but my empty thoughts i
shutter. my callous skin imprisons
my childish dreams and libidinal


a torn and tattered book rests
on her bed
it tells tales that confuses her
thou shalt not kill, but look around
we are dying
an ozone depleting, skins are
my calloused hands can't understand
the feel of a man who lives
his life with a silver spoon resting on
his chin
while a child's hands are dusted
in dirt and cut from survival



hidden behind comfortable


night falls and i swim to the
other side of an ocean
divided by spirits uninvited


a blurry face in the distance
a broken heart of least resistance
a crying girl alone in the world
a mama's love, a pearl


days are overflowing with
arduous feelings
can't control the thoughts
in my head
nights turn into beauteous
and dawn turns into dead
bathos, my fall
from sublime to ridiculous
i'm nothing more than
an ill-behaved jade
a walking asylum
a girl with no face
standing in a sea of blithe
drowning, fading


if i close my eyes would you kiss
me hard
and would life seem fine if you
erased my memory of him
my heart tries hard to be
open but when your broken smile
glazes me it closes all too
oh i want to be with you
lying in your arms i look into
your eyes but you don't see mine
confused i turn away, so that
i don't confuse you at a time
when things are spinning out of control

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