Saturday, October 8, 2011


I love food! I love fall! I love family! I love thanks!

Looking back on the Thanksgiving pasts of 6 years I have fond memories sharing with my family, eating the most amazing feasts. And while my mother still really doesn't know what vegan is, I appreciate her attempts and calling vegan "Vay-gan".

I am also proud to say that I have never prepared, no will I ever prepare a turkey.

The past several years we have divided our holiday weekend amongst my family and my hubby's. Cooking vegan fare is a true love of mine and I am so into preparing amazingness, but this year both sides have offered to cook EVERYTHING! Totally appreciated but I am missing being a slave to the kitch this year.

So instead I made a batch of The Garden of Vegan's cranberry sauce with pure maple syrup and will be delivering it to our bakery friend Nancy who manages the store, gives us discounts on great food, loves my girls and writes fairy books.

Attached is a link to our typical vegan menu and pictures on my daughters' blog.


  1. Hope you are having a wonderful day and enjoying all the amazing food prepared with love by your family.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you're having a great day.

  3. That's wonderful that everyone is cooking for you this year! Happy Thankgiving to you! :)

  4. Happy thanksgiving! that sauce looks amazing!

  5. Thank you everyone! I am wishing you all the same...I just got back and it was delish.