Thursday, October 13, 2011


Woke up this morning with the intentions of making my famed Apple Crisp when my oven started sparking. I called the emergency department, but we are one of those fams that only have a cell phone, so the phone died in the middle of the call. With oven still risking flames I grabbed the babes and ran into the street to flag down someone. Luckily there was a police officer down the street getting his coffee. He sped over to the screaming mom with the half naked baby and extinguished it out.

Needless to say...I am not sure when our oven will be operational again, so the recipes are gonna have to be raw. So stayed tuned...


  1. Thank you...I had a trying morning...but we are all okay. I was a bit panicked but it looks like I can go back to baking and cooking tomorrow