Saturday, February 26, 2011


This morning my hubby and I went to the local Sally Anne to check out some items. I am constantly on the search for vintage finds. I had a little luck. I found an adorable pink button up sweater, but unfortunately it smelled a bit too smoky for me. Instead I got the warmest knitted sweater. My sister (she is my hubby's biological sis but I hate adding the in-law to the end of her title because it sounds so gross!! and she is way more than that) has the most amazing sweater collection and I needed a lovely addition to my wardrobe of course. Allen, on the other hand, ended up with an (AHEM...) Yves Saint Laurent suit...FOR $7!!! Lucky man!

On a side note, I found a comforter. I will have you know it is very clean and will not be on any person until recleaned. But I like it....A LOT! But I thought I would also share some other room ideas. I need to update as my love of all black has been drastically altered to incorporate all things lace, delicate and feminine.

Neopolitan Ice cream on my bed? Yummy!
ruffle bedding from Urban Outfitters

This is what dreams are made of.
photo courtesy

Desk Idea.
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