Monday, February 7, 2011


The past several days in Perth have been oh so charming and warm and has got me thinking about my Spring cleaning and To-Dos. Below is the list of all that needs to be done:


Living Room:

Clean wooden floors
Vacuum Couch
Touch-up and Clean Mayfair Movie Theatre Seats
Organize Charlotte's Craft Table
Organize and Empty out End Table
Closet - complete revamping
Organize Entertainment Area

Kitchen / Laundry Room:

Organize the pantry which also means getting a curtain
Clean EVERYTHING (fridge, surface areas, oven, windows)
Organize Fridge Decorations
Organize Cork Board
Get things ready to donate to the Salvation Army
Clean laundry thoroughly




Paint / organize craft desk
Rotate sheets and mattress
Organize closet: items ready for etsy and ebay, hanger declutter, memory boxes;
Organize the upper hidden alcove
Rotate seasonal clothes and create seasonal clothes box

Charlotte's bedroom:

Plastic / regular sheets for bed
New Pillows
Organize dressers and paint Charlotte's dresser (decide on colours)
Get rid of all plastic and unused toys
Build Knox a new wooden cage
Clean the closet and get items ready for sale

Dining room:

Reorganize Entertainment Unit
Sell Items on Ebay or give to Salvation Army
Clean wood floors and thorough cleaning of dining room table


Have a potluck party
Complete Harriet's knitted scarf
Design my line of necklaces
Paint a Blythe Picture or two
Paper Doll creation
Complete Rag Rug
Read two books on my shelf and complete Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
Plan a camping getaway
Work on my pumpkin garden
Go swimming at the pool
Get a pedicure
Learn some dutch
Update my blog photos
Complete my Flickr Project
Organize the computer

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