Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Simple Kind of (Wo)Man

A spider.
Isn't she beautiful?
Another beauty!
I had just taken the first jump in the water. These monkeys were there to greet me.
Me beside my handsome hubby! (I'm usually in the passenger side - just haven't grasped that standard yet.)
Cartwheeling on the septic bed.
A beautiful shot taken by Grandma Grier.

Being at the cottage is so magical. There is something to be said for sleeping in and waking with the sun, jumping into the lake to cool off and walking deep into the woods. For both me and Allen, it was a huge part of our growing up. We both had one when we were children and although I no longer have mine, I am able to share the cottage with Allen, his family and our little family. It was absolutely awesome this weekend and solidified some questions about where we want to live in the near future. All signs points towards country living.

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