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I absolutely loved my wedding! It was perfect for us. Everything went according to un-plan because we had only the expectation of going with the flow...and that we did. October 31st does not lend itself to many other themes, other than death, goth or the undead (our life obsession - pun-intended).

As of late, however, my tastes have changed dramatically. Yes, I still love zombie attire, ironic Threadless t-shirts, and pin-up girls, but I seem to be gravitating towards earth tones, flowy-ness, lace, and crochets. I would never officially ever want to re-do my wedding. Allen and I do, however, talk about renewing our vows every five years.

Thinking about our future and searching the web, I fell upon this Denver photo shoot on Style Me Pretty. The colours are simply subtle, earthy tones. The cake is decorated with beautiful, hand sewn flowers and the candy apples look like yummy, yarny edibles.

{I actually designed this board from the of their great functions}

As for the attire for the evening, I am thinking something along the lines of The Romantics. I recently just watched this film. It stars Katie Holmes, as Laura, maid of honor to "best friend" Lila and ex to Lila's fiance. Laura and "the Romantics", friends who have known each other for a decade and renowned for their incestuous dating history, gather at Lila's family estate on the East Coast, where all are forced to come to terms with denied feelings.

I absolutely fell in love with the stylish clothes, gathered from J. Crew, Urban Outfitters, Philip Lim, and Club Monaco.

{off the rack Philip Lim}

My bridesmaids could wear:


I would wear a lovely dress that I saw the cute Kelli Larson wearing on her blog:



SECRET: For our anniversary this year I am working on something really special for just the two of us. Hopefully I can wrangle the g-units to watch the girls. Fingers crossed.

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