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photos by Mario Testino

On April 29th, cries and tears of joy and sadness will echo throughout the land for the hearts of millions of girls born in the year of 1982 will watch as their prince takes the hand of another. I specify this year for two reasons. Firstly, it is the year that Prince William was born and hence every other girl born in that year secretly believed that that fact alone would bring them closer to a connection and ultimately a proposal. I was one of these girls. Secondly, I believe that girls being born in subsequent years, particularly 1984, felt a closer connection to Harry and directed their attention to such.

I have always thought that I would be the one to grace the throne. My mother and father married in the same summer as Princess Diana and Charles and my mom's name happens to be Diana. I actually remember my mother speaking fondly of the princess, and kind of like she knew her personally. It was kind of cute. She felt a connection to her and in emanated. Most girls are told stupidly (for there are far too few princes to go around and telling a little girl that they can have lots of anything-they-want is just plain bad for the esteem and psyche) that they will be princesses and maybe deep down by creating this connection one could attain that. Hence, the royals were a hot topic in our house, as well as paraphernalia. (Yes...we had the plates with Charles and Di in their wedding garb).

My birth came in November of 1982. My mother wasted no time in grooming me for princess-dom. Drinking English tea, wearing pretty dresses, singing to my Princess Barbies and watching Coronation street became rituals. I thoroughly enjoyed them, I must say. Although I have since retired the sexist Barbie dolls and frilly dresses, I do love a good BBC drama and you can always find me sipping on a cup of White Earl Grey (a dash of almond milk and 2 teaspoons of raw sugar).

As I grew, William and I experienced the same childhood milestones. But where I dreamed of a boarding school attire and gala evenings, he was living it. College came. My head was in the books, as was his. But where I directed all of my attention to school and hopes of being in an Alexander McQueen gown, walking down the aisle at Westminster Abbey to become one with Will, he was directing his attention towards his Eton education, royal duties, humanitarian work, and new "love", Kate Middleton. I guess I had to settle for the look-a-like William done the street because that was a close as I was going to get.

"Love" seems to come and go for celebrities of his stature. Okay, she was beautiful, ravishing. Yes she radiated the same aura as did Will's lovely mother. But no one had ever heard her talk. Was Will embarrassed? If she opened her mouth would this annoying high pitched voice pierce our ears and image of him? That must be the answer. So we (all us princesses in the pretentious making) all waited for the eventual (there must be) end to their relationship.

Several break ups and make ups later, the Prince decided to stay permanently made up and asked Kate to be his Princess. I was a bit in shock. Their private lives are VERY PRIVATE. Although some saw it coming, no one knew when or how. But the announcement came. They were to be married. We don't have cable, so I waited patiently for a video of the two to surface.
As I sat their, watching the Royal Channel on youtube, I was mesmerized by just how perfect these two are for each other. Catherine was poised, perfection, a Diana in the making. Her royal blue Issa dress not only showcased her beautiful physique but it was so regal. The subtle loving gestures between Kate and Will made one feel that their connection was so strong and deep. Quickly, I fell in love with this couple and with the idea of their impending nuptial.

In two months time, the Royal Prince William of Wales, K.G. and Miss Catherine Middleton will marry. What does this mean for me?

1. I am planning a tea party to commemorate the event. Look to the blog for recipes, hosting ideas and tea ceremony information.

2. I will have various crafts and DIY for those who are interested in hosting the same kind of soiree.

3. I am thinking about possibly making my own this bordering on stalking?

4. I will be designing what I think the lovely Kate should wear and if she doesn't choose a bad little spice design, I will highlight some ideas of what I think would look amazing on her.

5. Can y'all say SIGNATURE CUPCAKE?

6. Posting links and up to the minute craziness about released articles.

a Valentino sketch for Kate

NOTE: My mother-in-law also got me an amazing magazine, celebrating the engagement, for a Christmas gift. It kind of got me up and running. And I am being a bit dramatic about losing my Prince, for in October I married the love of my life, who is Prince William's Canadian doppelganger, was born three weeks after the Prince and is just as regal and charming.

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