Sunday, January 2, 2011


2010 year was a monumental one for me. It saw the birth of my second daughter, a move to Montreal, the wedding to my love, the loss of two beloved pets (one our longtime love Alley girl and the second our rescued cat Lorax), the birth of two nieces, the end of a messenger career, a second move to a small town so my husband could study masonry, and an unforgettable Christmas. All events shaped me greatly. I had never left my hometown and eventhough I moved 2 hours away, it was difficult being away from the familiar and those friends I loved so dearly. It was during this time though that I discovered a lot of things about myself and where me and Allen want to be as a unit and I am forever grateful.

A crafting side emerged during the process of planning the wedding and my love of the creative returned. I loved our wedding and it was the most perfect day in my eyes. Everything was how I had envisioned, minus the absence of my dear friend Hayley and a few others.

But this year of 2011 for me is about change...embracing new friends, experiences and relationships. It will be the year of the crafting, thoughtful and happy Crystal. There are many aspects of my life that are so blessed and this year I plan to make the most of them. My 2011 Resolution List will soon be up for viewing (the Day Zero Project server is experiencing difficulties at the moment) and I am starting two new sections of the site that hopefully will entice: "THE BAD LITTLE SPICE BOOK CLUB" and "TUTORIALS".

So to all of those who have experienced hardships and difficulties this year, this year is the opportunity to reshape your thoughts and increase your happy quotient.

xoxoxo from my BAD LITTLE SPICE heart


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