Saturday, October 2, 2010


Three weeks ago, my hubby came home with a little cat that needed a home. She was filthy, bleeding, and weighed less than a pound. You could feel her bones!!! We rushed her to the nearby vet. The prognosis wasn't good. But she stayed in observation for one week and was sent home. Her condition had strengthened and her vital signs were good. We got the privilege of caring for this creature that some a-hole had left to fend for itself.

With us she got her first kiss and hug. We developed a bond and cuddled frequently. She nestled on my bum when I was laying on my tummy computing. She jumped on the table and annoyed at each meal (squash and salad was her faves - very weird for a non-vegan animal).

She had been gaining weight and was beginning to look and be more loveable. Her eyes widened and she began to "Meow" for the first time. This morning things were great. I even took a picture of her progress because I was so impressed. We prepared for a hike and just as we were about to leave, Allen said "Crystal, something is wrong with Lorax."

He brought her to me and she couldn't walk she just stumbled. I went to pick her up and she was so limp, with no life in her eyes. A few moments before she had gone to the bathroom. They say that happens when you are about to go. I wrapped her in a blanket and we raced to the vet. The car ride she lay lifeless in my arms. When we got to the vets I ran inside in tears and handed her over. We waited but no long.

The vet called me in and there she was, lying sprawled out on the metal table with an oxygen mask over her tiny face. She took a gasp. The vet said "she is on her way out we should let her go". At that point I was over denial. As I patted her, her little paw was shaved for the inevitable. I continued to pat her as she drifted off and I was told "She's gone."

I wrapped her in a blanket and placed her in a cardboard box, the only thing they had, and together we went out to the waiting room where my daughter asked "Where's Lorax?". All I could say was that she was asleep forever. I don't know what hurts more, saying goodbye to something you cared for or telling your child that they will never see them again.

Together we all went to the cottage where we placed her in the ground to sleep forever and visit her again. Charlotte was a part of the whole process and I am glad.

Needless to say I am devastated. I feel like I have failed at protecting and caring for something. That I let down a creature that chose to love me. It brings up so many resolved issues but mainly just sadness and a deep sense of loss.

I LOVE YOU LORAX! Here is a special song just for you....

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