Thursday, May 20, 2010

Personal Inspiration: Alyssa Iswolsky

THE PERSONAL INSPIRATION PROFILE SECTION is one that I believe will be a continuous segment. I plan on profiling each and every person who I have come across who makes me smile and fall in love with them each time I am with them. This by no means is in any order of relationship importance because you are all beautiful. You know who you are and just be patient. I love you and will get to you because you always get to me.

Almost three years ago, I worked at a fashion boutique in Ottawa's Glebe called PomPom. I have always loved fashion and this job allowed me to design displays, learn about the industry and touch and try on everything. It also introduced me to my good friend Alyssa. From the moment I met her, I knew she was exceptional. She would come into work in her ecclectic clothes, that seemed to be an amazing melding of hiphop, rockabilly and whimsical. Her beautiful, bleach blonde curls fell ever so delicately onto her face drawing attention also to her Monroe piercing. Not only was her outer self mesmerizing but her inner beauty and not-so hidden talent. I had just told people in the store I was pregnant, but that didn't stop Alyssa from developing an attachment to the little fetus. She rubbed my belly each and everyday, told me I was beautiful.

Although a great friend and bridesmaid, Alyssa is an amazing photographer. I am not just saying this because of love the girl. She is amazing. She had been taking pictures long before enrolling at Algonquin College to complete her diploma in Photographic Arts. And although she took a bit of a hiatus after graduating, she is back with a blog, clients and great work.

Check out her blog here.

And here are some photos that she took of my fam:

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